FX Workshop & TTC Trading Plan

Get started on your path to becoming a more professional trader

  1. Online or Live in Tokyo
  2. Access a Complete Proprietary Plan
  3. Simple to Learn and Implement
  4. Full Support & Mentoring
  5. Dedicated Real-Time Chat
  6. For Beginners and Advanced Traders
  7. Easy Plan to Maintain (< 10 mins per day)

An easy to understand and simple to execute Forex Trading Plan has been designed specifically for the TTC Members that has been producing phenomenal results for beginners and pro-traders alike. The TTC mentors take care of the market timing and analysis, risk management and updates on which market to trade. These factors combine to make your daily efforts a simple to follow step-by-step system that generally takes less than 10 minutes per day to maintain.

Attend one of our FX Workshops and learn everything you need to know in a couple of hours as you will then gain access to the online Trading Plan file. A demo system has also been designed to help you gain the necessary confidence and practice without the risk of losing real money. With guidance and support given after the workshop to ensure that you have a confident working knowledge of the plan and can start trading right away!

You can register to attend our FX Trading Workshop live in Tokyo or online. (8,000 yen) Or get started right away with our Video Training series. (5,000 yen)

Includes one month of Support
Be sure to register as a TTC Member first, it's free to join!