Member Products and Services


  1. Online or Live
  2. Access a Complete Proprietary Plan
  3. Simple to Learn and Implement
  4. Full Support & Mentoring
  5. Dedicated Real-Time Chat
  6. For Beginners and Advanced Traders
  7. Easy Plan to Maintain (10 mins per day)


  1. Online & Live Club Meetings
  2. Interact with Mentors & Other Members
  3. Access Market Strategies & Ideas
  4. Chat Real-Time
  5. Share your Skills
  6. Discounts off Other Services
  7. Save time & money by learning/improving efficiently


  1. A self-paced one on one mentorship with an experienced trader
  2. Regardless of your experience you will gain the necessary skills to become a self-reliant trader
  3. Learn the technical, practical and psychological aspects required to create professional trading plans
  4. FX Trading Plan Workshop Included

Other Products and Services

From this page you can pay for any of our products or services through PayPal. After clicking the 'Buy Now' button, you will be sent to PayPal's secure site, where you can pay by credit card whether or not you have a PayPal membership. All prices include tax and shipping. Click here for our bank details.

FX Trading Plan Video Workshop

A video series of the TTC FX Trading Plan that you can view and review at your own pace and time. Learn the details of the complete plan and begin practicing with the support of a mentor. A month's support online and live is included to ensure you have the skills to apply the plan correctly and confidently. (Lifetime support for those who maintain Club Membership, as well as access to the TTC FX Plan Chat)


TTC Mentoring

One mentoring session (approx. 3hrs) that works on identifying, building on and improving strengths and weaknesses in order to create profitable trading plan's and behaviors. Club Members receive a 30% discount and TTC Students a 50% discount.


Club Member Event

Entry to Club Member Events for non-club members


Retake one of the TTC Trading School Lessons

Fee for retaking one of the 3 hour practical lessons in the trading school. PL1, PL2, PL3


Tokyo Traders Club Bank Transfer Information

日本語 English International Transfer

Tokyo Traders 株式会社
支店番号 015
普通口座 8086056

Bank Name: Mizuho Bank
Account Name: Tokyo Traders KK
Branch: (015) Tsukiji
Account Number: 8086056

Swift Code: MHBKJPJT
Bank Address: 2-11-21 Tsukiji
Chuo-ku Tokyo
Japan 104-0045
Reference Name: Larry Taylor
Bank Telephone: 81-(0)3-3541-4561