What is the TTC Trading School?

The Trading School is designed to develop all students, regardless of their level of knowledge or background, into fully functional, self-directed traders and investors. Through an extensive curriculum, students are educated in a step by step method to gain the necessary trading skills.

How do you make money in both good and bad economic times?

How do you continue to earn money in both good and bad economic times?

Most people are stuck in an investing paradigm called ‘buy and hold’ that makes money only some of the time. As a result you can only increase the value of your portfolio during good economic times.

The TTC course will teach you the skills to make money regardless of whether the markets are moving UP or DOWN!

You will then be able to apply this knowledge to earn money in markets as diverse as property, cash, stocks, bonds, commodities and Forex. Essentially, you can make money in any market at any time!

Could that help you?

Regardless of whether you intend to become a trader or not, this course will give you a large number of the skills necessary to better your investing results. In addition to all of the course materials, you get over 20 hours of mentoring to help you understand how to apply all of the information and techniques in a practical way, ensuring that the course becomes a useful part of your investing life.

The goal of the course is to give you the ability to earn profits not only in rising markets, but also in markets moving in the other direction!

Although the idea of making money from declining markets may initially seem counterintuitive, it is a skill that will prove invaluable to helping you earn money over the coming years.

A Comprehensive Course on Trading
Through Technical Analysis

Included in Course Price

Item Description Price
1. Level Check and Interview
2. 15 Hours of Practical Sessions ¥500,000
3. Materials
356 page text, handouts & exams
4. Support
Homework and questions via email, Skype, Phone and face to face
5. Bonus! 5 Hours Mentoring ¥100,000
Total Cost: ¥650,000 (tax included)

Discounted Price for TTC Members: ¥420,000 (tax included)

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Note: Whilst only one successful trade will be more than enough to cover the cost of this course, you must remember that there are always substantial risks in trading.

Why TTC's Trading Course?

The key aspect to this course is the contact time and practical lessons with mentors who are experienced traders. It is this very important aspect of spending time with experience that can shortcut your learning process. The practical lessons are what give you not only the confidence, but also the true ability to turn theory into practice!

TTC Trading Course

The TTC course is easy to work through and understand, with practical training and support an essential factor in the course. Hands-on application with a mentor builds a student's confidence so they can apply what they learn through simulated papertrading and then in real life situations.

The TTC course is separated into three major sections:

  1. Section 1: Getting Started
  2. Section 2: Tools of the Trade
  3. Section 3: Trading Your Plan

Each self-study section consists of a number of lessons, that when completed, will enable you to attend one of your three practical coaching lessons. The key components in the TTC Course are these specially designed practical lessons, which link the skills developed in theory to skills required in trading profitably. Support throughout the whole process is provided online, over the phone and at the support center.

A final examination at the completion of the course will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, enabling TTC to further aid you in your quest of becoming the profitable trader that you desire.

The tools you'll discover are tried and proven techniques that once applied with a trained understanding can offer you fantastic rewards. Determining the type of trader that you are and how your personality can take advantage of the dynamic markets that we all trade in today's marketplace could save you years of potential losses.

Other TTC Trading School Services

FX Trading Workshop

An easy to understand and simple to execute Forex Trading Plan has been designed specifically for the TTC Members that has been producing phenomenal results for beginners and pro-traders alike. The TTC mentors take care of the market timing and analysis, risk management and updates on which market to trade. These factors combine to make your daily efforts a simple to follow step-by-step system that generally takes less than 10 minutes per day to maintain.

Attend one of our FX Workshops and learn everything you need to know in a couple of hours as you will then gain access to the Trading Plan file. A demo system has also been designed to help you gain the necessary confidence and practice without the risk of losing real money. With guidance and support given after the workshop to ensure that you have a confident working knowledge of the plan and can start trading right away!

See the Calendar for upcoming workshop dates & times or visit the Products Page to get started!


A one on one program specifically developed to help the trader reduce the time taken to reach the professional level. Gain access to your very own private mentor, who will focus on strengthening strong and weak points, developing the disciplines and psychological aspects required for trading success. Use other peoples' experience to fast-track your own understanding, saving you time and money. To sign up for Mentoring, please visit our Products Page.