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An International Club for Traders and Investors

Established March 2001 in Tokyo as a place for traders to meet, the Club has since grown to include members from many countries who share trade ideas and knowledge in a developing community both online and live. 'Working together to trade markets all over the world.'

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From the Blog

We are all Slack at Tokyo Traders Club!

By Laurence | Jun 03 2016

       We are making the move to Slack! If you aren't familiar with Slack, it's an instant messaging and collaboration system on steroids. There is a lot more functionality with Slack and here are just a few: Channels: Slack’s channels help us focus by enabling you to separate…

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New TTC Support Center is now open!

By Laurence | Jun 01 2016

Hello Traders, We are proud to announce that we have moved into our new office in Shibuya, Tokyo. I can only describe it as something out of Batman. On the outside it appears to be a typical little Japanese shop complete with our own “garagara” shutter. But on the inside…

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Guest Post: Trading Psychology; The More We Care, The Worse We Fare

By Steve | Oct 24 2015

This is a guest post from Rich Friesen previously an accomplished trader and market maker on the Pacific Exchange, and now well-respected trading psychologist and coach based out of San Francisco. You can find Rich and a lot more info at and below the article you'll find a special coupon…

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DX US Dollar Update

By Steve | Oct 24 2015

With the solid move off the mid October low under 94 to now breaching 97 with the help of Draghi and the Chinese central bankers, the question is now whether we have an important bottom in place or we are just working on an interim top. The area we find…

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YM Dow Update

By Steve | Oct 15 2015

The YM took a little hit in the US session from inside the target zone 17,000-17,500. Admittedly, it's a bit of a wide zone, but wave B's are notorious monsters to pinpoint their ends with. In any case whether we get another swing higher to complete things a bit closer…

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Here are just some of the benefits of joining Tokyo Traders Club

Get started on your path to becoming a more professional trader

Trading Plans

Learn what a plan is, how to develop one to suit your style…develop the ability to follow a process that will help protect your capital whilst maximizing it. Or follow one of the TTC plans already developed and ready to use by joining the next FX Workshop


Connect with other members from around the globe working together both online and live to develop and improve trading strategies to trade in world markets such as Forex, commodities and stocks

Trading School

A self paced one on one mentorship with an experienced trader, designed to develop the student regardless of their level of knowledge or background, into functional traders


Trading Workshops on various topics from trading techniques to advanced trading strategies; first learn the theory and then put it into action through practice with a mentor


A variety of meetings, classes and social gatherings for members to share ideas, learn new skills and of course to have fun!

Wondering what it takes to be involved or get started?

Trading and investing are some of the more difficult things that we as individuals have to try and understand in our lifetimes. It’s not taught at school, or even if it is it’s usually the antithesis of good trading strategy. We are generally surrounded by poor information and opinion’s from newspapers, magazines, acquaintances and even with the advent of some good blog’s that the average person can now access, how as a beginner am I expected to be able to knowledgeably sort through the chaff to get to the good stuff?

One thing’s for sure, everyone has an opinion…but how’s that worked out for you up until now?

The Club has members who range from housewives and office workers; to serious part-time investors and traders up to Pro Traders…and maybe you too!

The focus of TTC has been to link the community of members to experienced and Pro Traders so that through working together, we can help everyone improve constantly. For the beginner we have some simple yet effective steps to get you started with that can help ease you into trading and improving your investing. For the seasoned or more experienced traders and investor’s we have a number of area’s where we focus on the markets and opportunities occurring each day. Whether you want to study through the course or be able to communicate with traders daily on the markets, the Club has something you can surely sink your teeth into.

We look forward to working with you and know that your participation and ever improving skills will be a valuable addition to the group.